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Service Request (fields and contact information to be provided by Julie Crowling – requested from her on 10/6/15 within the next two weeks)

Contact Information

Phone: (757) 340-1251

Julie Crowling, Property Manager, Julie@McLeskey.com

Lisa Hall, Assistant Property Manager, Lisa@McLeskey.com

Staying Ahead of Covid-19

The rapidly changing Covid-19 has imposed an unsettling and fluid situation upon our community and businesses. While our teams aim to maintain a "business as usual" approach, we have implemented some changes in respect to the guidelines given by our state and the CDC.

For more information please feel free to contact us at retail@mcleskey.com for our commercial tenants. Furthermore, we encourage our commercial tenants to join our facebook forum for up to date information and community support by following the link below:




Residential tenants can contact us at residential@mcleskey.com

More COVID-19 Advice