Rudee Inlet Mermaid Comes to Life

21 Jun Rudee Inlet Mermaid Comes to Life

Article Featured in Virginian Pilot – June 21, 2016

The Rudee Inlet mermaid comes to life with a name, story and artwork in Virginia Beach | Local News |

There’s a majestic mermaid with a turquoise tail that greets arriving vessels at Rudee Inlet. She didn’t have a name, until now.

Cheryl McLeskey, president and CEO of the development company McLeskey and Associates LLC, originally purchased the mermaid at a fundraiser in 2014 and thought the sculpture could be an iconic symbol at the Oceanfront. It could also serve as a tribute to her late husband, Wayne McLeskey, who loved the ocean.

McLeskey wanted the mermaid to have a name and story, so she thought it would be great idea to form a partnership with the school system.

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